With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to shine a special light on blended families. I am a product of one and a true supporter of them and that they can work. I don’t want to make this seem like I don’t support traditional families, but being that a huge part of our population are made up of single mothers and fathers who decide to try their chance at love again, we end up with the blended family and they can and do work!  

Recently a beautiful woman by the name of Tia reached out to me. She’s newly married and between she and her husband they have three daughters. She wanted to have a shoot to not only incorporate their new family unit, but to also include their children’s other parents as well. This melted my heart. 

You see so many negative depictions of what the media refers to as “broken homes,” but that is not always the case. There are many instances of beautiful blended families and as a product of one and as a mother who’s child is part of a blended family, I was so excited at the opportunity to capture another through the lens of my camera. 

Take a peak at some of the magic we created that day...