Fun with the Myers

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite families. They started off as clients, but have quickly turned into family. The first time I worked with them they were a family of four and have now grown into a family of 6 :) During this session, we attempted to recreate a shot that they did at their first session and the result is an image full of emotion. With more personalities, it was quite the challenge to get this shot down. However, the laughs and fun that we had while trying were definitely one for the books. Never a dull moment with them and I absolutely love it! They are the best!!

Here's the original image from three years ago.

And here's the image that we captured this weekend :) Krista was pregnant with Kinsley (the princess running in the front) in the original image.

Here's a few more shots of the cuteness that we captured this weekend. Such an amazing and beautiful family!

Double Header

I had back to back weddings this legs are a little tired (well they were), but I loved every moment of working with my couples.

I pride myself on the fact that my clients become family and friends. I love putting in extra work to try and get to know my clients and to build more than just a working relationship with them.

Below are a few shots from my second wedding this weekend at The Villa in Calverton. Not only was it for an amazing couple, Jasmine and Andre, but I got to see one of my favorite planners for Uptown Catering, Shonda.


How do you do it all?

How do you do it all?

Being a mother is my number one priority. It’s that simple. Miles is truly an answered prayer,  so I try to make sure that I cherish all of our moments together and to provide for him monetarily, but most importantly to fill him with memories that he’ll cherish for a lifetime. Read more...